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Taylor Sinclair Series

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DS Chris Cain takes a weekend away with her fiancée, Kate Worthington, on beautiful Lac Renaud in Quebec where she has reluctantly inherited her maternal grandparents’ cottage. The cottage only acts a reminder of Chris’s miserable childhood and she makes the decision to sell the property along with the other house she inherited located in Ste. Thérèse. 

The weekend turns into an emotional journey and, before she’s able to escape back to Toronto to deal with more of her past rearing its ugly head, Chris meets her biological father for the first time.

You’ve accompanied Taylor on her journey from the streets of Toronto through the police academy and her first case with the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit. Now, join her for her most horrific case yet.

With the investigation into Sebastién St. Amour’s abuse of DS Chris Cain during her childhood underway, PC Taylor Sinclair steps in to protect a street kid and Taylor and Chris link the child to a notorious child sex trafficking ring known as Zheng.

For an organization like Zheng to survive as long as it has, they must have protection from inside the justice system, much like St. Amour seems to have. 

Zheng sends a message to Taylor, a warning to back off, but Taylor and Chris are not deterred. It only fuels their determination to unravel the mystery of who Zheng is and save the children enslaved by him.

In this battle between good and evil, who will win?

*Trafficked sheds some light on the human trafficking epidemic raging out of control in cities large and small across the nation. 

In a home invasion style attack, a woman is left with disturbing injuries and Toronto Police Constable Taylor Sinclair finally gets the opportunity to work an active case with Detective Sergeant Chris Cain in the elite Sex Crimes Unit.

Determined to prove herself not only to Chris, but to the Chief of Police and the whole damn department, Taylor steels herself to face the horrors endured by the Sex Crimes Unit twenty-four hours a day. She finds her resolve in her determination to seek justice for the victims of a violent sex offender.

While Taylor and Chris attempt to discover the meaning behind the serial rapist’s alarming signature, they’re both distracted – Taylor by her failed relationship with fellow officer, Constable Caillen Worthington, and Chris by an unwelcomed visitor in an old friend of her mother’s, stirring her own childhood trauma to the surface and bringing new threats with it.

“If you are looking for a plot-twisting, page-turner of a detective novel strong in edgy female characters with issues relevant to our times … this book is for you!” ~ Amazon Reader

Taylor Sinclair makes an explosive return to Toronto after a grueling North American tour to promote her book, Leila’s Locket. The media has been murderous, but it’s about to get worse with Sarah Johnson’s trial just days away. Adding more stress, Taylor learns that NNN is about to air interviews with Sarah and Darryl Johnson which could reveal any number of her closely guarded secrets. It may not be worth worrying about though, because someone wants Taylor or Caillen Worthington dead. Is Cail the target after being involved in a major narcotics bust, or has someone from Taylor’s past decided to collect on unfinished business?

“Buckle up – it’s a hell of a ride.” ~ Amazon Reader

With nothing left to lose and no hope for the future, Taylor Sinclair thinks nothing of putting herself between monsters and innocent victims.
When serial rapist/murderer, Ralph Morse, escapes from prison, Taylor knows he’s going after the woman responsible for his conviction. The Toronto Police won’t listen to her, so she takes matters into her own hands.
Saving Grace Reilly, aka bestselling author Gray Rowan, rips open the wounds of Taylor’s traumatic childhood, but will it set her free or destroy her?

“Reading the Taylor Sinclair novels is like sitting down with old friends.” ~ Amazon Reader