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Isle of Skye Series

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Detective Constable Fiona Ross desperately needs an escape. Two years into their relationship, Brodie MacEwan is ready to take the next step. But that step may as well be off the edge of a steep, rocky cliff, in Fiona’s opinion.

Brodie is all about family, and he’s ready for one of his own. The only problem is the love of his life is like a deer in headlights when it comes to commitment. Will he give up his dreams of fatherhood and family for Fiona? Or is it too much to ask?

The discovery of a woman’s body on the scenic Quiraing trail provides a welcome distraction from their personal woes as Fiona and Brodie begin to investigate the biggest case of their careers to date. One murder soon becomes two and, as a pattern begins to form, are the murders somehow connected to Brodie’s sister, Ailey MacEwan Galbraith?

Aileen MacEwan has a second chance at life.

Fresh out of rehab, she’s still learning to deal with emotions. Discovering living relatives on the Isle of Skye, Scotland comes as a shock – one that has her gripping white-knuckled to her sobriety. How does a young woman who’s never experienced love and affection acclimate to an overprotective brother, a kind and loving mother, and a tenderhearted pal who desires more than friendship?

Scottish Police Constable Brodie MacEwan thinks he knows what’s best for his sister. Until he begins unravelling her past.

How can Ailey spread her newfound wings and fly with two wicked villains hell-bent on enslaving her in servitude?

Is Ailey’s second chance all for naught?