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Taylor Sinclair Series Book 4

Crime Fiction / Women Sleuths / Police Procedural

You’ve accompanied Taylor on her journey from the streets of Toronto, through the police academy, and her first case with the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit. Now join her for her most horrific case yet.

Constable Taylor Sinclair intervenes when a street kid is chased down the street. When Taylor discovers the child was a victim of a notorious child sex trafficking ring known as Zheng, she calls Detective Sergeant Chris Cain.

Taylor and Chris suspect the reason this trafficking ring has been able to operate for so long is that they have someone on the Human Trafficking Enforcement Team giving them a heads up when a warrant is about to be served. To keep this from happening again, they form a close-knit team and investigate on the quiet.

While Taylor and Chris are focused on rescuing the dozens of kids in peril, Zheng sends Taylor a message meant to deter her interference. It only strengthens her determination to put an end to this long-standing organization once and for all.

In this battle between good and evil, who will win?

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