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Fiona the Brave – Book 2 in the Isle of Skye Series

Detective Constable Fiona Ross desperately needs an escape. Two years into their relationship, Brodie MacEwan is ready to take the next step. But that step may as well be off the edge of a steep, rocky cliff, in Fiona’s opinion.

Brodie is all about family, and he’s ready for one of his own. The only problem is the love of his life is like a deer in headlights when it comes to commitment. Will he give up his dreams of fatherhood and family for Fiona? Or is it too much to ask?

The discovery of a woman’s body on the scenic Quiraing trail provides a welcome distraction from their personal woes as Fiona and Brodie begin to investigate the biggest case of their careers to date. One murder soon becomes two and, as a pattern begins to form, are the murders somehow connected to Brodie’s sister, Ailey MacEwan Galbraith?

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A brand new series set in Edinburgh, Scotland –

A DC Maggie Glass Novel – Witches & Whisky

Detective Constable Maggie Glass’s life ended and began at the age of eight, her memories before that time held captive in the deep recesses of her mind.

When Maggie responds to the scene of a gruesome murder on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, the image of a woman burning at the stake bursts into Maggie’s consciousness, and she can no longer ignore the trauma she suffered on that fateful night eighteen years ago.

With the details of this murder matching so closely to the murders Maggie witnessed as a child, are the answers to solving the crimes locked away in Maggie’s brain? Will unlocking her suppressed memories destroy Maggie? Or fuel her desire for justice?

Special thanks to Platform House Publishing for their excellent work designing the cover of Witches & Whisky and for creating this fabulous book trailer video.


Taylor Sinclair Series – Book 4

You’ve accompanied Taylor on her journey from the streets of Toronto, through the police academy, and her first case with the Toronto Sex Crimes Unit. Now join her for her most horrific case yet.

With the investigation into Sebastién St. Amour’s abuse of DS Chris Cain during her childhood underway, PC Taylor Sinclair steps in to protect a street kid and Taylor and Chris link the child to a notorious child sex trafficking ring known as Zheng.

For an organization like Zheng to survive as long as it has, they must have protection from inside the justice system, much like St. Amour seems to have. 

Zheng sends a message to Taylor, a warning to back off, but Taylor and Chris are not deterred. It only fuels their determination to unravel the mystery of who Zheng is and save the children enslaved by him.

In this battle between good and evil, who will win?

*Trafficked sheds some light on the human trafficking epidemic raging out of control in cities large and small around the globe.