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This Scottish-born Canadian writer has returned to her roots. Originally planning to spend a year exploring Scotland, she has moved permanently to her birth city of Edinburgh and is loving life there.

Wendy began writing in earnest in 2011 after being laid off during the economic decline of the big three auto companies in North America. Her first novel, Saving Grace, has received a 5-Star Readers Choice Award and set the stage for the Taylor Sinclair Series of novels that have followed to date – Unfinished Business, Runed, and Trafficked.

Strong female characters are Wendy’s passion, and most of her main protagonists have suffered through childhood trauma, coming out the other side as strong, determined women. After Saving Grace was published, Wendy was awed and inspired by the women who contacted her to thank her for helping them heal from their childhood trauma. As a former Addictions counsellor, Wendy is well aware that far too many people, men and women, have suffered trauma in their youth. The fact that she can help with their healing through her writing is humbling and motivating.

Wendy’s other passions include reading, spending time with family and friends, and travelling and exploring Scotland. She hopes to spend more time travelling around Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland … and possibly beyond.

The only downside to moving across the Atlantic is missing her son and family.

Wendy with her son, Andrew, in Toronto – 2022