Warning: Adult Content – The Sinclair novels include mature subject matter & some LGBT+ material


SavingGrace-eCover-OriginalAt the age of ten, the streets of Toronto became home to Taylor Sinclair and remained so for the next sixteen long, lonely years. When the man responsible for taking her sister from her all those years ago, convicted serial killer Ralph Morse, escapes from prison, Taylor embarks on a mission to save Gray Rowan, the woman who was responsible for Morse’s capture, and she’s given a precious gift – hope, and the opportunity to make something of her life.

The connection shared by these two women quickly develops into a deep friendship. Gray and Toronto Police Detective Sergeant Chris Cain try to help Taylor to overcome the damage done by her terrifying past. But Morses’s recapture throws Taylor into the media spotlight, triggering a police investigation into the abuse Taylor suffered while living on the streets, complicating the healing process and shaking her newfound confidence.

While at the Police Academy, Taylor is relentlessly pursued by Caillen Worthington, a ‘player’ who swears that he knew Taylor was ‘the one’ from the moment he laid eyes on her. But, is Taylor able to put her past behind her enough to even consider a relationship? Despite her surprising attraction to Cail, Taylor doesn’t think so.


Saving Grace is the debut novel in the Taylor Sinclair Series, featuring Taylor and Detective Sergeant Chris Cain of Toronto’s Sex Crime Unit, their cases, and their often chaotic lives.


Praise for Saving Grace:

“Reading the Taylor Sinclair novels is like sitting down with old friends.” ~ Amazon Reader

“…a great start to a series that shows a lot of promise. It has a great story, great characters and a great pace.” ~ Online Book Club

Fabulous book! The characters will wrap themselves around your heart. The storyline is complex and intriguing, so much so that the book is difficult to put down. The subject matter is not light, but it is handled with depth and understanding. I purchased the sequel sixty seconds after finishing Saving Grace. Buy this book! Tell your friends about it! It is a great read!!!” ~ Amazon Reader

Saving Grace is a wonderful novel that you won’t be able to put down! I highly recommend not only this book but it’s author, Wendy Hewlett, a rising star in the literary world!” ~ Amazon Reader

“I don’t normally read novels but, after a recommendation, I read Saving Grace and loved it. The imagery is superb and I found the twists and turns in the plot intelligently put together and I never knew where Taylor’s journey was going to take her.
The sub plots and empathy that I felt for the characters brought the book alive and I really did find it a page turner.
This is an excellent novel from Wendy Hewlett and I look forward to reading the second book of the series.” ~ Amazon Reader

“Saving Grace is an undiscovered feminist gem! Hewlett’s characters are developed without compromise and fill a spectrum of roles that contemporary literature and audiences beg for. The protagonist, Taylor Sinclair, is the next stage in the evolution of the “Strong Female Lead”. She manages to be the perfect balance of unattainable perfection and raw humanity. The story taps into a range of deeply felt emotions and, for this reader at least, elicited both tears of sympathy and joy. The book tackles all of its issues -sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism- in a deeply compassionate and progressive manner. Overall it is a powerful yet refreshing read, capturing both the most beautiful and gritty aspects of today’s society and relationships. A magnificent start to what I hope will continue to be a wonderful series.” ~ Amazon Reader



UnfinishedBusiness-eCoverTaylor Sinclair makes an explosive return to Toronto after a grueling thirty-two day North American tour to promote her book, Leila’s Locket. The media has been murderous, but Taylor knows that the media frenzy is about to get worse with Sarah Johnson’s trial just days away. Adding more stress before she even makes it out of the airport, Taylor learns that NNN is about to air interviews with Sarah and Darryl Johnson which could reveal any number of her closely guarded secrets. It may not be worth worrying about though, because someone wants Taylor or Caillen Worthington dead. Is Cail the target after being involved in a major narcotics bust, or has someone from Taylor’s past decided to collect on some unfinished business?


 Praise for Unfinished Business:

“This story is riveting and takes unexpected turns. Not a book to skim through or you may miss something important. Wendy Hewlett’s writing style makes you want to read more.” ~ Amazon Reader

Couldn’t put it down. It is a roller-coaster ride with hairpin turns coming fast and furious. It is impossible not to care about the characters. I am hoping there is another book in this series on the horizon!” ~ Amazon Reader

“Even if you have not read Saving Grace you can jump right into this book. The continuing story of Taylor Sinclair does not disappoint. The story is riveting and takes unexpected turns. Not a book to skim through or you may miss something important. Wendy Hewlett’s writing style makes you want to read more. If you haven’t read the books written by Wendy Hewlett then start now!” ~ Amazon Reader

“Great 2nd book in the Taylor Sinclair series. All the characters are believable. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat. It’s nice reading a novel which takes place in Ontario. Can’t wait for book 3!” ~ Amazon Reader


Coming Soon …

After being chained to a desk for what felt like forever, Taylor Sinclair finally gets the opportunity to work an active case with DS Chris Cain. Determined to prove herself not only to Chris, but to the Chief of Police and the whole damn department, Taylor steels herself to face the horrors endured by the Sex Crime Unit twenty-four hours a day. She finds her resolve in her determination to seek justice for the victims of a violent sex offender.

While Taylor and Cail work on repairing their relationship, Chris is caught up in the storm of her past blowing into the present.

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