Wendy, a Canadian author, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and raised in Ontario, Canada. She currently resides in southern Ontario where she’s busy writing and editing.

Wendy earned diplomas in Forensic Science and Creative Writing in order to improve her writing skills and ensure her novels are authentic.

Prior to enrolling in Forensics and Creative Writing, Wendy obtained her diploma as a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Specialist.  Wendy also enjoys studying psychology, with a focus on abnormal psychology.

Wendy is currently working on Book 3 in the Taylor Sinclair Series, which she plans to release in early 2019. She’s also working on several unrelated novels and hopes to publish several novels in 2019.

Her Creative Writing Instructor said this about Wendy’s writing:

“You are one of the very best students to have come through this program in quite some time. Feel proud and encouraged. However, also understand that that is a profession where only the top 1% succeed. You are in that bracket, but you are not alone there.”

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A Note from Wendy …

Writing has become a labour of love. I enjoy writing strong female characters overcoming the odds and becoming successful. Taylor Sinclair was born out of a desire to celebrate the achievements and strength of a woman despite her horrific past or the sometimes debilitating PTSD that she suffers from. The number of adult survivors of child abuse is outrageously high and accounts for a large majority of men and women who suffer from substance abuse. If Taylor hadn’t given her sister her sworn promise to never touch drugs and alcohol (among other things), she may very well have succumbed to the lure of drugs and/or alcohol to numb her emotional pain. I admire Taylor’s strength and determination and have the utmost respect for everyone who is able to overcome the odds and thrive despite horrifying pasts.

One of my favourite characters in the Taylor Sinclair novels is Detective Sergeant Chris Cain. I love that she has a rep as being a hard ass, but when you get to know her you realize she’s really a very caring and compassionate woman, she just doesn’t want the cops she works with to know it. I wanted one of the main characters to be gay for several reasons – it’s real, it gives me the opportunity to explore issues like bullying and discrimination, and it’s a shout out to some of my friends and family who are gay. It makes Chris’s character very real and I think it has a lot to do with her great sense of humour.

My stories are very definitely character driven and I love to delve into their personal lives. In the third book in the series, which I am writing now, Taylor works her first major case with the Sex Crimes Unit. Taylor and Chris’s personal lives are still entwined in the story. Being so involved in their personal lives is, I think, why readers feel like they’re sitting down with friends when the read the Sinclair novels.

I hope that you enjoy the characters in the Taylor Sinclair novels as much as I have enjoyed their company over the past few years. I feel almost like I didn’t write these stories – rather Taylor, Gray, and Chris brought me along on their journey. I can’t wait to see where they take us next!