Wendy's Newest Book - RUNED - Book 3 in the Taylor Sinclair Series

In a home invasion style attack, a woman is left with disturbing injuries and Toronto Police Constable Taylor Sinclair finally gets the opportunity to work an active case with Detective Sergeant Chris Cain in the elite Sex Crimes Unit. Determined to prove herself not only to Chris, but to the Chief of Police and the whole damn department, Taylor steels herself to face the horrors endured by the Sex Crimes Unit twenty-four hours a day. She finds her resolve in her determination to seek justice for the victims of a violent sex offender. While Taylor and Chris attempt to discover the meaning behind the serial rapist’s alarming signature, they’re both distracted – Taylor by her failed relationship with fellow officer, Constable Caillen Worthington, and Chris by an unwelcomed visitor in an old friend of her mother’s, stirring her own childhood trauma to the surface and bringing new threats with it. “If you are looking for a plot-twisting, page-turner of a detective novel strong in edgy female characters with issues relevant to our times … this book is for you!” ~ Amazon Reader

About the Author

Wendy Hewlett is a British born Canadian author who loves to write mystery/crime fiction with strong female protagonists. Saving Grace, the first book in the Sinclair Series, was Wendy's debut novel in 2013. Wendy dreams of spending a year exploring and writing in her birthplace, Scotland, as well as England and Ireland.

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