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Ailey of Skye

Aileen MacEwan has a second chance at life.

Fresh out of rehab, she’s still learning to deal with emotions. Discovering living relatives on the Isle of Skye, Scotland comes as a shock – one that has her gripping white-knuckled to her sobriety. How does a young woman who’s never experienced love and affection acclimate to an overprotective brother, a kind and loving mother, and a tenderhearted friend who desires more than friendship?

Scottish Police Constable Brodie MacEwan thinks he knows what’s best for his sister. Until he begins unravelling her past.

How can Ailey spread her newfound wings and fly with two wicked villains hell-bent on enslaving her in servitude?

Is Ailey’s second chance all for naught?

“Ailey isn’t the only stand-out character in this book. Her over-protective brother Brodie, her loving mother Lainie and the gentle Alec are strong, realistic characters with whom Hewlett does a great job in portraying their struggles to support a loved one with alcohol and drug addiction.” – Amazon Reviewer