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Love Gaia

The Diary Directive

Dystopian Fiction / Environmental Romance

by TL Clark

Book Review

TL Clark’s Love Gaia – The Diary Directive is a timely novel set in the future where Aroha, a young woman coming into adulthood, and her peers are deemed old enough to learn the history of their ancestors through the diary entries of Dr. Rachel.

They learn the importance of protecting their environment based on the mistakes of mankind in the past. As they listen to the reading of Dr. Rachel’s diary, they learn the importance of community, respect, communication, love, and so much more.

At a time where we’re all learning the difficulties of isolation, Clark’s Love Gaia takes us deep into the experience of a doctor, a woman, isolated from her family against her will and forced to bunker down with strangers from around the globe. The premise of the novel is fascinating and revealing. It makes you think about where we are heading as a human race and wonder what we can do to avoid the same fate as those not as fortunate as Dr. Rachel in Love Gaia.

Clark delivers another brilliant novel, well written and well thought out. As it relies heavily on the journal entries of Dr. Rachel, at times we miss out on the real-time action, but this is the nature of the novel.

Love Gaia – The Diary Directive is out June 5, 2020 and well worth the read.

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