Saving Grace’s Shiny Seal

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Saving Grace is sporting a shiny new 5-Star Review Seal from Readers’ Favorite.

Saving Grace: A Taylor Sinclair Novel by Wendy Hewlett is an engrossing sleuth novel with a well-developed protagonist. When Taylor Sinclair learns that Ralph Morse has escaped from prison, she instantly knows where he will be heading. She knows the serial rapist and murderer will be going after the woman who made his conviction possible. But what will it take to protect Grace when the police won’t listen to her. It will be a thrilling ride to find out.
The story begins with some of the aspects of the setting and the author’s gift for crisp writing comes out clearly. The author gives readers vivid pictures from the start, the winding road deep in the heart of cottage country… the dense forest and then the protagonist on a jeep, scanning the surroundings. This aroused my curiosity and I wanted to know more about this woman’s mission. The protagonist is the kind of character who pulls readers in and reminds them of the deep wounds they carry inside. She is genuinely vulnerable and her determination to protect Grace opens up the darkness that has inhabited her since childhood. Can she beat it?
Saving Grace: A Taylor Sinclair Novel is well plotted and it begins with a very powerful premise — a serial sexual predator and murderer escaping prison means a crisis to anyone who knows him.
The author weaves powerful emotions into the narrative and crafts scenes that are intense and focused. I found my heart pounding at times as I allowed myself to connect with the emotional and psychological states of the characters. A strong protagonist faced with a vicious and very cunning antagonist makes for a very interesting story.

Thank you, Readers’ Favorite! There’s nothing like a great review to boost a writers’ confidence.

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